About the cattery

Gobbolino is a small family cattery, newly established, that arises from the utmost respect and love for animals.

A purpose

I start this project with great enthusiasm, as any person that decides to spend time and resources on a hobby about which is passionate: Russian Blue breeding. My main purpose is to enjoy breeding an animal which I think is amazing, for both, his beauty and his affectionate and sensitive personality, as well as to help people who trust me and decide to be future owners of a kitten from my cattery, get to know and enjoy them in the same way I do it everyday.

A wish

My wish would be to contribute in a positive way to keeping and improving Russian Blue breed, breeding healthy and happy animals, which, at the same time, make families that they are part of happy.

Currently, the cattery is composed of my two cats and me, although, if everything goes well, and always with the approach of practising a hobby, I would love to expand the family and to add new members in order to improve the line. But I must work and learn a lot before this time comes, so little by little... 


It is essential for me to perform a responsible breeding, following the good practices that, in my case, are established by the organisation I belong, the Fédération Internationale Féline, placing, in any case, animals' interest and welfare before any other priority that may arise on the way.

As part of this responsible breeding, the proper choice of the future owners is a key factor. From my point of view, breeder's involvement does not end at the moment of delivering the kitten, but that it goes on during its development throughout its life, since the assessment of our work results depends on this development.