Some pieces of advice

To start...

Since it is recommended to keep the Russian Blue indoors, it is essential to enrich his environment or, at least, to have the indispensable stuff to make them feel at easy.

Litter trash

First of all, we will need a litter trash. The Russian Blue is a demanding cat regarding cleanliness and smells, so it will be very important to keep up to date the cleanliness of the litter trash. On the other hand, they love digging, so a covered trash would be advisable. In regards to the type of litter, each cat has his preferences. A good start would be to begin using the litter that his breeder uses, since it will be the one that the kitten will be used to.

Scratching post

The second "must-have" is a scratching post. There are scratching posts in different sizes and shapes, so we can choose the one we like the most or the one we can afford. Vertical scratching with their claws is part of cat's communication. On the other hand, at the same time they mark by scratching, they stretch. Therefore, a scratching post with a vertical post high enough for the size of our cat could be suitable. Besides, if it has platforms at different heights, it would be ideal, since cats love climbing: the higher, the better. We can also get this using wall shelves and other kind of stuff that allows them be as high as possible in the rooms.

Cat safety nets

Other of the favourite cat activities is looking through windows. Cats may spend the whole morning looking through windows or from the balcony, stalking birds that fly outdoors, or, simply, watching what is happening in the street, particularly when they are alone at home. Therefore, it is a good idea to let them access to a window or balcony, but always in a safe way. Cat's hunter instinct, particularly the Russian Blue, is so strong that they do not hesitate to jump outside after whatever catches their attention, if it is not too high. In the case of high altitude, they will not fear, they will walk on the windowsill or along railing, but the attraction for the object that catches their attention will be so big, that they may easily fall off if they get too much excited. For this reason, fall protection nets for windows and balconies are of vital importance for your cat safety.

A place to hide

As it was mentioned before, the Russian Blue is a timid cat around strangers and they love quiet environments, so it is not rare that, sometimes, they need to hide to take their time until their curiosity make them show themselves again. It is important that the future owner understands this need and provides them with places where they can hide, better if they choose them. A wardrobe, a box or under the bed may be regular places for it.


Finally, regarding toys, there is a huge variety on the market and each cat has his preferences. In the case of the Russian Blue, a hunter cat and, at the same time, smart and curious, it will be clearly successful both, hunting toys (dangler poles, feather wagglers, balls and catnip mice, for example), and any interactive toy, which it is a challenge. Anyway, you will always have the possibility of improvising a toy from a cardboard box or an aluminium foil ball. And, of course, as long as they can choose, their favourite game will be, undoubtedly, playing with you.

Health, feeding and other basic care

Russian Blue cats are healthy cats, they live between 15 and 20 years. There is no genetic predisposition to any disease related to the breed.

Talking about daily care, they do not need too much. Since they are shorthair cats, there is no need of grooming frequently, although they will always be grateful if you do it since they will understand it as a sign of affection and cuddles from their owner.

It is good practise to clip the cat's front claws periodically, for which it is important to make the cats get used to it since they are kittens. Generally, front claws are cut, not back claws, and only the sharp part, since from this point towards the toe (the pinkish area: the quick) would be very painful for the cat. Your veterinarian will teach you how to do it.

Other good practices are: checking if their ears are clean without any sign of dirt and if their eyes and nose are free of discharge that may be a cold symptom, mostly in the cold season.

The Russian Blue is a cat with good appetite, which sometimes may require watching his diet to avoid overweight. Choosing a good cat food, although it may be more expensive, will save you future visits to the veterinarian. To maintain the weight, it is also important that the animal keep some level of daily activity, for which playing times will be of great help. Regarding water intake, a way of encouraging the cat to drink more frequently, since they do not drink too much, is to use a fountain or, otherwise, to place several bowls with water all over the house.

Everything that has been mentioned, together with the measures already described in order to enrich the environment, particularly when they spend time on their own at home, it will be enough to make your cat happy.

Source: Russian Blue Cats as Pets. Karola Brecht.