My cats

IC Amauri Kamari*PL

This male, come from Poland, has been my first incursion into the Russian Blue adventure. Classical European, Amauri has a thick and soft coat, a muscled body and a considerable size, even for a male. He is a timid cat around strangers, although extremely affectionate with me, very talkative and good observer. He knows all my movements and he adapts to them in order to behave in the proper way in every moment. Quite a "gentlecat".


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CH GR*Silverine Dianthe

This beautiful female of European line came from Greece and has stirred up the family. She is very self-confident, which sometimes requires paying more attention to watch her. Although she takes some time, she does not take too much time to get close to people, even when she meets them for the first time. She is also really affectionate but independent at the same time. Regarding the standard, she staands out for her eye colour and shape, her profile and her amazing  personality, friendly and trusting. 

CH Onega Flor de Azur*ES

Onega is our most recent member of Gobbolino family. She represents the exotic touch in the family, since, unlike Amauri and Dianthe, that come from European lines, Onega certainly shows clear features of American lines, such as a lighter silver coat, a extremely slender body, larger ears or a longer and straighter profile. She is also very affectionate, lively and fun and has a strong personality. Despite having been the last to arrive, she has not had any difficulty in finding her place at home. She does not hesitate to ask for what she wants when she needs it, among other things, she does not miss the opportunity to jump on your lap when she wants to cuddle, while purring, until she falls asleep. She is our spoiled little princess.