Breeders, how do I choose one and why?


I have been talking these days to people who are interested in kittens, which, unfortunately, have had a bad experience while searching or simply do not know the breeding world and everything that implies for those who want to do it.

I have found this post on a website I love and I think it explains fairly well what it should be taken into account when you choose a breeder in order to acquire a pedigree cat. And, if even so, you are not sure about it, there are a lot of kittens in animal shelters, waiting for being adopted.

In Gobbolino, we advise you to choose the option that makes you feel more convinced about the step you are about to take, since the animal should become a new family member, so it is a step that should be taken with responsibility.

Here is the post (originally in Spanish but you can translate it into English on the  website):