After a great weekend in a beautiful village in Portugal, we came back feeling proud of our results:

I have been talking these days to people who are interested in kittens, which, unfortunately, have had a bad experience while searching or simply do not know the breeding world and everything that implies for those who want to do it.

Gobbolino was in the Feline Show in Lisbon last weekend, as part of Pet Festival in FIL . It has been hard: the long trip, our first show in other country...we were really nervous. We began the weekend wondering if we would be successful in our adventure. And finally, we did: Amauri is now International Champion (IC). However, this could...

We have had to wait for them, but finally, here they are: some pictures of the last show in Alcorcón (Madrid). These are the results:

On the next 3rd and 4th of December, it will be carried out an international feline show organised by Asfe (Fife representative in Spain) and Gobbolino will be there. You will see Meew and Gordito and many other cats of different breeds for yourself, that it is the better way to see them. It you come over, at Gobbolino, we...

Gobbolino has been in a show for the first time last weekend in Valencia. It has been a great experience.
Little Meew (GR*Silverine Dianthe) got good results:
EX1+Nom+BIS in her first day.
EX1+Nom+BIV the second day.
Gordito (Amauri Kamari*PL):
Ex1+CAC the first day.
Ex1+CAC the second day.